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SRI LANKA: Diploma in Travel and Tourism

  15,000 Scholarships for LCCI tourism students in Sri Lanka  

The Sri Lanka Ministry of Tourism has entered into an agreement with LCCI International Qualifications to collaborate on training and scholarships for up to 15,000 youths over a 5-year period on the subject of travel and tourism. The scholarships, provided by LCCI centres in Sri Lanka, will cover the tuition fees for the travel and tourism component of the diploma.

In Sri Lanka, human capital development and capacity building are key to the success of the tourism sector. There is a great demand for qualified professionals not only in Sri Lanka but across Asia. The course aims to create a trained group to cater to the 2.5 million tourists expected by 2016 and will provide employment opportunities for about 35,000 youths.

The full-time three month programme commences this year at 75 centres nationwide and is open to students who have completed their GCE O’ or A’ Level examinations.

To know more about this project, kindly contact us.