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MALAYSIA: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma applications/combine certificate to the nearest appointed key centres.

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HONG KONG: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma/replacement applications to either St.Perth College or Hong Kong School of Commerce.

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MALAYSIA : Private Candidates are required to register Series exams at your nearest appointed key centres.


SINGAPORE: Private Candidates to apply for their post-results services via British Council Singapore.



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Qualifications awarded by Pearson LCCI are recognised by a wide variety of institutions and organisations throughout the world. Candidates can use our qualifications to apply:

For employment in both the public and private sectors
For institutes of higher education
For professional bodies

In addition to this, recognition is both local and international, which means that diplomas are accepted for national purposes or to gain admission and credits at overseas universities.

Download Accreditation and Recognition Brochure

  Recognition from Higher Institutions

Pearson LCCI Qualifications can be used to gain admission to degree programmes at universities in various countries including the UK, Canada and many more.

The following are examples of some of the mainstream educational equivalents to Pearson LCCI qualifications:

Pearson LCCI's Level 2 Certificates are equivalent to the GCE O-Level/GCSE
Pearson LCCI Level 3 Certificates are equivalent to the GCE A-Level
Pearson LCCI Certificates/Diplomas are accepted by certain university faculties including accounting, economics, marketing and others as evidence of suitable background in "professional studies"
Pearson LCCI provide evidence of English Language proficiency and are benchmarked against the Common European Framework for language competence

Please note that universities have individual admissions criteria and you should contact the relevant university for specific details of their individual entry requirements.

Pearson LCCI is constantly working with universities and employers to increase and update recognition of our qualifications for higher education entry and employment purposes.

  Universities Testimonials

"We are happy to offer exemptions from the first year of the accounting degree to students who been awarded the full Pearson LCCI Executive Diploma in Business Accounting."

Nia Love, Academic Lecturer

Professional Bodies
Over 30 professional bodies in the UK have recognised Pearson LCCI qualifications, including The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Recent Developments

ACCA recognizes Pearson LCCI's financial qualifications
Pearson LCCIrecognized as entry into CIM Diploma
AIA and Pearson LCCI collaborates



Pearson LCCI are recognised and valued by companies in the market today. These qualifications meet the needs of the business community and are thus passports to employment.

Employers' testimonies:

"We recruit people with Pearson LCCI qualifications as they have a strong financial background. They will have an advantage as compared to people with 'A' and 'O' Level qualifications. The syllabus and coverage of LCCI courses are also relevant for them to be competent in their job."

Valerie Cheong, Human Resource Manager
California Fitness


"We recruit people with Pearson LCCI qualifications as it is a recognised qualification in Singapore"

Sandra Wong, Office Manager
TEMENOS Banking Software


"We have excellent support from Pearson LCCI in developing a virtual portfolio for our online training programme and continue to enjoy a great working relationship"

John Browning, Training Consultant
BP Oil Retailing


"Pearson LCCI Qualifications are internationally recognized, thus precluding the need to determine its level of proficiency or competence."

Koh Chin Sen, General Manger-HR


"...not only the directors but also people working on the production line need to exchange ideas with native English language visitors and customers. The Pearson LCCI SEFIC examination gives our employees the language skills they require in the world of work, so we have now introduced this exam as integral part of our employee training programme."

Horacio Martínez Suárez, Human Resource Manager
Pillsbury Argentina S.A.