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MALAYSIA: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma applications/combine certificate to the nearest appointed key centres.

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HONG KONG: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma/replacement applications to either St.Perth College or Hong Kong School of Commerce.

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MALAYSIA : Private Candidates are required to register Series exams at your nearest appointed key centres.


SINGAPORE: Private Candidates to apply for their post-results services via British Council Singapore.



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Well-known for their high levels of academic integrity, LCCIIQs aim to provide equal rights, equal access and equal treatment where learning opportunities are concerned. But as the costs of further education continue to rise worldwide, the ability to access quality education is not always available to everyone.

LCCIIQs therefore offer a cost-effective alternative for those who want quality education and a recognised qualification at an affordable price. Tuition fees vary from country to country and from institution to institution but a typical one-year LCCI programme will cost anything from one-third to one-half of a similar course at your local college or university.

Examination fees are also designed to be accessible to everyone. Our fees vary across Asia according to the financial requirements of particular countries. To find out more about the range of tuition and exam fees, please check out our Centre Guide in your country.